Cyber Protection South Florida. Our South Florida agency can provide extraction, decoding, analysis and reporting services for both on server and mobile data (including deleted data and passwords), from almost any device- not only computers and cellphones but handheld GPS units, tablets, and all other mobile devices.

High quality, High Fidelity Data Recovery is the single most crucial aspect of any cyber-investigation. When receiving a drive that is damaged or not working, our agency will utilize the most advanced equipment available to reconstruct a hard drive and recover the data you need.Through our international network of White-Hat hackers and Computer specialists, we can access almost any digital records you may need using cutting – edge equipment provided by Hak5 Industries and Paraben, Inc. From the location of a Cyber-Stalker to the hard drive of a destroyed computer- Our Computer Forensics specialists will extract the information you need; providing reports that are detailed and concise, covering the evidence found and the steps that were taken to find and recover it.

Whether you’re a concerned parent, a corporate entity, or the owner of a destroyed, compromised or vandalized device- we can recover the files from whatever tech you bring us. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, cost control, and defensibility, as well as our highly trained team of experts.

With our resources, Universal Investigations Agency can not only perform cyber forensic analysis, but also analyze webcam access routes and CCTV systems for our clients- requisitioning video from existing CCTV and Webcam sources and adjusting contrast, sharpness, brightness, polarization, focus, and zoom to detect any sign of editing or fabrication, as well as uncover evidence that may be hidden in the shadows of your footage.

If you suspect of being hacked or are a target of online sextortion or blackmail, give us a call or contact us now. Time is of the essence. Providing services throughout Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida. 954-305-6275